Do You Really Know Where You're Going?

Do you really know where you're going? I did not for quite a long time.

I simply went through the motions.

And had no idea about what was really important to me. Except for the obvious: my family and my career.

The thing is: I had goals. And plans. Like I was taught to do.

 And often they did not work out. Which was really frustrating and deep inside I often felt like a failure.

It took me a long time until I figured out what was missing.

The underlying parts



When I thought about those two levels my first impulse was…oh, no - not anything more to think about or to make my world more complicated.

I made an effort to make it simple...there are too many things in life too complicated here we go.


Lots of people talk about finding their purpose.

I prefer DEFINING mine.

I have not lost it, nor do I believe that some higher power hid that purpose, and it's my job to find it. What IS my job is to listen to my inner voice and truth that helps me define it. And on top, it does not have to be something ultra big like changing the world on a big scale.

It's got to make sense for YOU, and it's got to be enjoyable - fulfilling some deep-seated desires. When I grasped these factors it was much easier to define mine.

Mine is actually to live and learn. And to share what I have learned to give others the chance for a shortcut and less suffering...if they are ready for it.

Quite simple really.

Meanwhile I use a portfolio of 29 questions for my clients to dig into their purpose.  They are tailored in a way that they have the capacity to reveal things you had no idea off....sometimes simply because you've never asked yourself these things. 

Epiphanies almost guaranteed. And thus clarity. (you can download the questions here).


For me, my vision is my NORTH STAR. It gives me my overall direction.

And it's NOT a plan.

It took me a tad more "work" to get there. And no - the result was not a vision statement for my life.;-) That does not cut it.

I rather took a deep dive into 11 different areas of my life and gave it a thorough thought and feel (extremely important!)  what is really important for me.

I allowed myself to go big and deep, and eventually, I had a complete picture.

I did it using a 4-step process. The most crucial step: Ask me WHY I want what I want - in my career, my social life, my health…and other areas.

Because underneath all pragmatic reasons, I ALWAYS found an emotional one. That only works though when we dare to go there. And THEN it's the biggest motivator you can imagine.

Goals and Tactics 

Goals and tactics are a logical consequence of my vision. And as I've learned that some plans work and others not so much I don't care so much anymore if one doesn't.

Don't believe that I'm totally free of frustration or sadness if something doesn't work out. Thankfully I keep adding more resilience to my life, so I just take another path and test if that works better. AND - I have wonderful people around me who are my sounding board and support me to re-calibrate to myself and what's important.

PS: My overall vision also allows me to see opportunities left, right and center which I might have missed JUST having a goal and a plan…highly interesting side effect!

PPS: Arrange a FREE call with me if you're ready to create clarity for your direction. AND - if you happen to be woman...this will be part of my brand-new program "ALIGNED" for female leaders with kids - have a look HERE and apply for one of the limited spots. 



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