My Story....part 2 (The Mindset Conundrum)

my story Nov 23, 2018

I believe that in a way we’re all leaders - first and foremost of our life including all aspects and the goal to  create this safe, successful, fulfilled and happy feeling, right?

And that of feeling accomplished. 

So, I had my 6 areas identified and defined lots of details to achieve exactly that - in almost all of those areas.

Except one.  

That was the one that got me stuck. 

And I knew intuitively that it was at the heart of everything. 

Some call it mindset. I knew though intuitively that this is only part of the truth. Our mind is great. And incredibly useful….still after having done a lot of work in this area….I realized that I did not really hit the core, but was circling around it without a real breakthrough. 

This infamous part of the puzzle was missing. And I knew without it the whole concept would be a great collection of useful tools…but lack soul. This crucial part which would be the secret to building the reliable foundation for all the rest. Something revolutionary that produces real and sustainable results. 

So, I was wrecking my head (and all other sourced I could find) for the answer, the chase was on! 

Until I had this phone call, which changed everything. 


….to be continued….in My story part 3


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