My Story....part 3 (The Call)

my story Nov 23, 2018


Mindset is at an incredible important part of us being able to become this unstoppable high performer in our life…or not. 

I was convinced it was at the heart of my framework to help business professionals to move from a place of fear, overwhelm and stress towards calm, success and fulfilment. 

And EXACTLY this damn mindset thing was in my way.

I thought that I’d cracked it - after all I’ve read about and definitely “worked” on those mindset changes for a long time already!!

Getting those limiting beliefs out of the way.

The thing is: we ALL have them. I simply don’t know a single person who does not.

Often we don’t even realize what they are (pro-tip: we can normally see them rather clearly when looking at our life and what it throws back into our face). Happened to me often enough….during my corporate life, in my last 15 years of building up and running my first successful business, during parenting…and of course in relationships.

….right, got slightly carried away…back to the topic :-)

The theory is simple, right? 

Get rid of those beliefs, replace them with something more useful. 

But, how the heck does it work….SUSTAINABLY?

And, if my mindset gets me stuck, how do I get unstuck and help others to do the same?

The Call

Remember - before I said I was stuck in THIS area and a call changed it.

The call was with a dear friend of mine who had the (questionable) privilege to listen to me ranting about me going in circles and he listened (he’s really good with that). And gave me the name of someone to speak to with a chance to get out of what was incredibly exhausting, frustrating and confusing.

Do you know this feeling when you’re really desperate and you take every straw? Yep, that was me back then. 

And I got on a plane two weeks after the call to see this woman and to go through an intensive weekend of what I hoped would bring movement and clarification into my new business.

I learned a lot that weekend. And I probably unlearned even more. I had epiphanies (love this word!) and real-eye-sations. (Ha - playing with words is another thing I love).

I felt ridiculous. And sad. Agitated and angry. I laughed and cried. I was tired. Professional. Honest. And serene. With moments of exquisite quietness in my head. 

And this is when I realized that I did not have a business problem - I had personal problems reflecting in my business….and more than a year later having worked with many people I know that this is true FOR ALL OF US!!

I walked out a different person…I just didn’t know it…YET (in fact I had moments where I asked myself what this was all about).

AND I had found my missing puzzle piece for my concept, which would turn out to be a method which produces results EVERY coach is plainly dreaming of. 


tbc...My story part 4….


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