My story....part 5 (The Catch)

my story Dec 02, 2018

The Catch - this is where I stopped.

Hang on. 

I believe I never mentioned the name of the core process which  produces great results AND is probably the world’s quickest life-changing process: It is called LIGHT UP. And there is a reason why I mention that. 

Remember I said that a call changed everything: in this conversation the person leading me to Light Up told me about his enlightenment (I left this bit out before….still makes me cringe a bit inside). 

So, when I heard that and the name of the process, all my resistance went up…I could never really deal with those what I thought were esoteric, non-substantial words, after all I’m this professional business woman, right? ,

There were these two voices in me: 

- The head telling me what the heck?

- And another little voice (which my partner heard louder than me) saying, THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Turned out it was. 

And now it’s at the heart of what I do -  after it took me months to be able to talk about it publicly….I’ll come back to that later. 

Turns also out, though that even when we’ve gone through changes or shifts, how I like to call them, and even if they are FAST (remember - after 2-3 sessions) THERE IS A CATCH. 

And the catch is….YOU. US. 

Yep, you read correctly. 

Ever done a great course, learned something new and amazing? And then a few weeks later….the stuff faded and things seem to fall back into what they were before. 


Same here. Results are achieved quickly.

And life happens. The old triggers push us into our “old ways”. 

…unless we have practiced and keep practicing to not only keep the shift alive, but to grow even further. 

This can be hard. Who’s got time to practice all the stuff we learn on the way? Tell you a bit of a secret: in this case it’s rather remembering what we’ve unlearned. 


TBC….then I tell you how I managed to not just keep the shifts  alive, but how I  had more growth and changes towards confidence, courage and freedom in a year than I had the previous 10 years before. 



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