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My Story....part 8: The Vision Building

my story vision Dec 12, 2018

No, not a house  - how we build our vision ;-) (actually I think that's quite funny for a German...😂). 

In my last post I pondered about WHY a vision is so crucial...the million dollar question is though - how the heck does it work to build OURS?

That was the question I was facing myself. 

🤔Just putting together a board with nice pictures out of a magazine and looking at it all day long?

🤔Having a lovely idea in my head where I'll be in "the future" - whenever this might be?

🤔Writing an essay about how my dream looks like?

✖️Well, those might work for some of you - for me it did not do the job.

So, I experimented a while, looking at many aspects, digging in all the stuff I've learned in the last decades and came to a fairly easy 4 step-model.

1. Who do I decide to be?

2. How would I love to feel?

3. What do I chose to do?

4. What’s important for me to have?

Short and sweet really. 

Now you might ask: well, THAT does not tell me how my dream looks like, does it?

✨It does. 

On a deep level. 

Cause we don't want to make money for making money, but for feeling important or acknowledged.

Or to pay for the university education of our kids.

And we might want the house and financial freedom so that we can do what we always wanted or to feel free in our choices...or we'd love to be there for our kids or whatever it might be.

And yes, admittedly quite a bit of work, as the devil is in the detail really. 

➡️➡️One CRUCIAL detail I found is to learn about our WHY. Without that a vision is rather pointless. 

And it included becoming aware of the roles I have in my life and repeatedly asking myself the question WHY (do I chose to be a patient mum, a conscious partner, to act with integrity….or whatever it was).

It took me quite some time to come up with my answers, and I challenged myself to come up with the stuff ...➡️❗️that is not just important, but crucial for my life. 

And the results were quite surprising in some parts as I decided to strip off  all the artificial and layers, acquired in decades.

I didn’t do it in a day -in fact it took me months, reading many books and going through some crap in my life to realize that these are the essential steps to get to a full picture (filled with a number of details in between). 

✨ONLY then could I move forward instead of going in circles!

As this gave me the template for any further decision. 

➡️ What I mean by that is that whatever I do I can double-check with my vision: Is my decision to work 15 hours a day constantly aligned with who I chose to be as a lover or a mum or an entrepreneur? Is accepting this new job really congruent with who I am?

I’m sure you get my gist.

✅It’s something to go back to on a regular basis. 

✅Something that helps us keeping on track.

Recently I worked with a client who was looking for a new job. It turned out that he applied for all sorts of different positions, having not a lot in common. When I asked why, he did not know. 

So I asked him who he choses to be in his professional  field, a question he had never asked himself really. And this is not about position. Or job. It is rather about what is important for us in our career.

I gave him time and a bit of guidance of how to get there…and in our next session he was there and knew exactly who he chose to be. Clarity. Resulting in decisiveness. And results. 

My own journey when I finally connected with who I really was, was a bit bumpier.

➡️As I realized and found (or rather acknowledged) parts inside of me I had ignored for a long time. 

➡️And those were miles away from who I thought to be  -and this presented a completely different challenge….

....to be continued

PS: In a hurry and skipped to the end? Well, the summary is that a vision is crucial, it's the map giving us direction. And you can get there in 4 steps (see above). Ah - and don't forget your WHY for your vision.



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