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Your Life.
Your Career.
Your Rules.

The unique personal leadership program (PLeX 5.0) that enables women in male-dominated industries to become powerful & authentic leaders - on their terms.  

It starts with a 19-minute call 


Shatter the Glass Ceiling and Claim Your Space

The glass ceiling in organisations. Or in your own life & mind. Find YOUR individual space where you want to be & feel at home.

Unleash and Yield Your True, Full Power(s) & In-Tuition

Find out who you really ARE and access your power on demand in body, mind and soul to build a career you love, relationships & success from the inside out.

Lead relaxed with rock-solid confidence, clarity & courage 

We make leading yourself and others fun, enjoyable and light. While trusting yourself & your skills. Who says that it has to be a struggle?

Investing in yourself & enjoying your (personal) leadership journey will push your career (and life!) in places you wouldn't think possible - and it starts with you.

From exhaustion, overwhelm & guilt toward ease & confidence

You got into a leadership position because you know you're capable of something big.

But now it feels all you're doing is running faster and often behind, working harder, fulfilling the demands of others at work & at home. Even more so if you have family obligations.

You're ready to take back control of your life & career and to start leading yourself Because the REAL work and leadership starts with personal mastery.

Imagine there was something that you could implement RIGHT NOW, that would stop the stress, give you back your energy and clears the path to be a relaxed & confident human being at work & at home. At YOUR terms.


"The potential is always bigger than the problem" 

Laura Mendoza, CPO, Unima, Mexico

"Claudia  has been a game-changer on many fronts for me; she found me exactly where I was at, and made actionable what was only at the level of a concept. Her wisdom is ubiquitous. She talks a lot about understanding and feeling your core essence and creating a multidimensional vision in a super simple and practical way; she has showed me really actionable ways to change my brain, aligned with the biggest picture of my personal life project and my heart."  

Being heard and seen as a capable leader -while being YOU

As women, we're often considered to be "too agreeable & emotional". Because most of us are kind, compassionate, polite and considerate. On top of that many of us strive towards being "the good girl" making it right for everyone.

With the result that we're not getting heard and have a hard time saying "no" or voice our opinion in clear words, others are open to listen to. Even when we've got all the knowledge, expertise and experience.

Imagine you could bring your message across in a way that brings others on board and motivates them to follow you while still being your compassionate self. And that you could have full control over your work, your day and your schedule as you know your needle movers and dare to say no to the rest. Without a guilty conscience.


“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.”
- Brené Brown

Head of Research, BioMed X Institute, Germany 

"Claudia is a true professional in the leadership coaching arena. The unique feature of her is that she has seen and lived both worlds as a leader in the corporate world and a coach for leaders, so she understand the pitfalls of the corporate environment. She guided me out of the corners where I got stuck.  She showed me where my strengths are and taught how to manage my weaknesses. She enlightened my views of conflictual situations and empowered me to handle complex emotionally rich situations. I truly recommend her as a highly professional coach."

Take back control of your path, get rid of BRULES* & fall in love with yourself (again)

Many women are far too hard on themselves and listen to their inner critic 24/7. 

The critic who tells them they're not good or perfect enough or who tells them they can't have it all: the successful leadership position and a rewarding personal or family life. 

That they have to work harder than any man to get to the top. Or to act like one.

To lead anyone else successfully, you have to lead yourself first. Which means getting to know yourself intimately. And shed all those life-long established & limiting patterns and beliefs which are invisible to you right now.

Imagine you could find, see and shift those in no time and have the REAL YOU emerging in the process, with all her edges, flaws and incredible talents visible and strong. 

And develop the courage to be you and lead others authentically. What a relief!

*BRULES = Bullshit Rules (all the stuff and rules we have learned which turns out to be utterly untrue and harmful for leading a great and happy life)


"We often deal with the little problems at the surface, because we are scared of the big ones below." 

Isabelle, Digital Transformation Executive, Switzerland

"When I met Claudia, I was in a radical life changing phase and, on top of that, was looking for a new job. I was somehow lost in what I had to seek for, what I was feeling, what I had to show, tell and demonstrate. Claudia is a bright, attentive and very professional woman. She helped me value my true self, my skills and my values and she made me aware of my full potential. She took the time to understand who I was and what my major fears and resistances were."

Let's bring those concepts into reality

...as no idea works unless you implement them in your life and career

Let's talk so we understand you

You talk - we listen. We strive to understand your individual requirements and situation to make sure we can support you in not just growing, but jumping the line in your life & career.

We walk you through the details of the process

Before taking a courageous step you need to know what to expect in PLeX 5.0 and how it works. We leave no question unanswered, so that you will know exactly what to expect and how to achieve your goals & fulfil your desires.

We'll embark together on your unique journey

We'll arrange the first 3 sessions with you right away & give you access to the supporting online resources. We'll be with you at every step of this fast moving and reliable  process that always delivers. 


Get where you want to go fast, feeling alive instead of struggling 

10 years from now you'll surely arrive. The question is where. 

Going through a long-winded process is not an option, you’re WAY too busy for that.

You need something you can implement RIGHT NOW while continuing to support your family and your organisation or team, so you can take care of all the people who depend on you.

Claudia Hesse is an expert in Personal Leadership who helps female leaders move from confusion into clarity and from chaos into rock-solid confidence using the "Personal Leadership eXperience 5.0" process she developed based on 30+ years of industry experience, a number of certifications, universal truths, the latest neuroscientific information and her own life path as a single mum, leader and meanwhile business owner. 

She translates complex concepts into simple, executable tools that help you getting crystal clear - not just on your goals, but on your much deeper desires - your vision for a thriving work and personal life. She tends to see the big picture and is a master in mirroring back those seemingly small blind spots which are impossible for you to see and thus limit you immensely.

She can help you get your life and career to wherever it is that YOU want it to go, while intuitively asking the right questions you never asked yourself before.

These concepts are not rocket science, and with enough effort, you could probably figure them out yourself - eventually. But when you walk with a guide you will get further faster, with a lot less pain and chaos, and with sustainable and reliable results. 

It starts with a 19-minute call


Let's talk about your life,
your career, your rules
and how to bring them to life!

Overwhelm & stuck? Or impact with ease and joy?


You could stay on the treadmill – it’s giving you something to do and you're so familiar with it that you learned to deal with it, right?

But the view from the treadmill will always be the same: The same problems you've dealt with this year will still be there next year and the year after that. 

Or, you could decide that's not the life you want.

You could step off the treadmill and actively move toward ease and joy.

Start with a simple 19-minute call where we both will find out if we're a good fit. 



"Being powerful is like being a lady.
If you have to tell people you are, you aren't."

- Margaret Thatcher

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