My Story...Part 1 (How It All Started)

my story Nov 23, 2018

Well, this is a different kind of blog this time. No tips, tricks, just sharing how I got to where I am now and what I've learned along the way...AND my conclusions - for both, my business and my private life.

Gosh, this woman is self-centered - that's what I would have thought some years ago. About myself.

Now I know that a) I write up a lot of stuff for my own benefit (great reflection, try it out!) and b) I've learned that I can learn from others when I hear their stories. 

We all resonate with different things. So you might like my story...or you might not. And that's fine.

If you're curious....get yourself a cup of coffee and come on the journey with me!

Part 1

💫We know that the best way to move information from your head to your heart is through your hands" (Brené of my favourite authors!)

....meaning, whatever new concepts we learn to do a better job, to be us, to follow our life's dream or to have better relationship or better health, we go to put them into action.

Regularly. In other words: we got to put the work  in. 😊❤️

Information alone does not do the job

Problem is - life happens.

It's a struggle.

And we fall off the wagon.

...hence I'm planning something to change that. make sure you stay on track (and me!!)

Let me take a step back though and tell you, how I got to this point:

More than 2 years ago I had the first idea for developing a concept and framework that covers everything that’s going to take FEAR out of the workplace. 

One of the BIGGEST issues that I’ve experienced myself and have seen so often, working with business professionals in corporates. It paralyses and makes life miserable and heavy….😣

And while digging into how I could resolve this I quickly realised that ➡️ it’s not about work.🤔

It’s about us. The human being.❤️ 

💫 I started learning and exploring what it needs to deal with the fears  - which we all seem to have - and how to deal with this crazy world and our messy lives. 

And pretty quickly I identified ➡️ 6 areas which are crucial. 

First I made really good progress....and then I got stuck!😱😱

....tbc in My story part 2



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