My Story....part 7 (The Track - and Why)

my story Dec 02, 2018

Are you still with me on this journey - awesome, I really appreciate you. A lot. 

The track - that’s where I stopped last time. To keep me on track - well, and you. Eventually. If you decide to that is.

And most importantly WHY. 

I’m sitting on the sofa while I’m typing this up. Looking outside into a grey sky from our 7th floor apartment. It’s wet outside and probably cold and I’m wrapped up in a cosy cashmere shawl with some Celtic inspired music in the background and a candle burning.


On my own, with my lovely pug Florentine curled up next to me. 

Quite peaceful actually. 

(I’m a real sucker for soothing atmospheres. And cuddly dogs next to me)

Well, that is part of my track. Having moments of peacefulness. 

That is only one thing - or rather feeling - on a longer list. 

Do you know what’s on yours, I.e what is your track? 

THAT is what I call track. Moving towards or staying on this track that gives us the feelings we crave for. Those we’d love to have in our life constantly. On a daily basis.

Not just every now and again. 

And not just when we come home from our job or go to work. In all parts of our life. Because contrary to another wrong belief that we were taught, there is only this ONE life where everything has a place - and no separation line between work & life - that’s a totally different topic though…coming back to that one later. 

So a few more on my track are…


A deep sense and knowledge of belonging.

Fascination. With people and the world.






…feeling alive

…..and so the list goes on. I tend to call this track MY PERSONAL VISION.

The important thing is to stay on our path with our VISION in mind.

Let me tall about the WHY it is important to “stay on track” for a moment. 

Well, I one way I can only talk for me. However, I’ve worked with a lot of clients who actually experienced the same - after they realized what their REAL vision and track was, noticed that

  • …for a long time they had put the infamous ladder against the wrong wall
  • …they forgot what was really important as life “just happened”
  • all those expectations (sometimes from outside, sometimes from themselves) in their life made them suppress their own intuition and vision for their life and they were only “functioning” instead of living
  • …something drastic happened in their life and they realized that they’d lived a life that was basically not theirs
  • …they’d wasted a lot of energy and time on hiding who they truly were (as they might have thought that they’re not good enough) and on pretending (REALLY tiring)
  • …a lot of what they’ve done was done out of fear….of missing out, not doing the right thing, not being accepted, not belonging, not becoming successful, being considered weak - not being enough.

So, does any of that sound familiar?

Well, for me these are REALLY STRONG Why’s to stay on track.

How the heck do we find our vision though? A question I asked myself  A LOT.

All great to know how I’d like to feel - how do we know we’re on the right one and what does that mean anyway?

….to be continued next time (where I tell you how I did it)

PS: If you’ve read my blogs you might wonder where this is leading ….and this is part of the fun, right? When I started I said I was going to change that so many of us fall off of the wagon in our life and full disclosure: YES, I will offer you something at the end…..working on it while we speak. Exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time….



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